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Hot New Workshop -- Central Valley Location Added

Joe Barker's new workshop, Extreme Googling, has filled in every session that has been scheduled to date. We recently added a session in Fresno, on Monday, October 18, at the Fresno County Public Library. We will be scheduling another session in Cerritos, and more as needed to respond to demand. Infopeople Training Director Cheryl Gould is generally rather subdued in her analysis of our workshops, but after attending the first session of Extreme Googling she wrote the following:


Alert! Some Problems with Survival Spanish CD

We have had several recent reports of problems opening the Survival Spanish for Library Staff CD. Apparently some of the disks were created as data disks rather than audio disks, and we have no way of tracking who received the defective disks. If you have a Survival Spanish CD that you have not yet used, please test it to be sure that it opens properly. If you have any problems opening it, please contact Linda Rodenspiel by email at [email protected] or by phone at 650-578-9685, and she will ship you a replacement disk.


Infopeople Website Changes

Happy Friday! You may have noticed Infopeople has made some changes to its home page. We now have a new link called Partnerships, which provides links to projects and associations Infopeople supports. We also have a link to InfoBlog, our weblog that replaces the old "New on the Site" link. Small changes, but we feel important ones. Enjoy!



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