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Search Engine Efficiency: Bookmarklets

Search Engine Bookmarklets -
Librarian and Search Engine expert Greg Notess has a great page on what a bookmarklet is and a list of the best to use for searching. If you do a lot of searching on the web don't miss this. His site, Search Engine Showdown is a must read for anyone who uses Google and other search engines to find information. He has an RSS feed for those who'd like notification when he has news to report.


Online Tutorial for Online Catalogs

Helping beginners learn how to use the online catalog is both important and time-consuming. Wouldn't it be nice if you could point your users to a tutorial or basic resource to help them get started with your online catalog?
Now, first time users of your library catalog have a ready-made resource for basic catalog questions, the *Infopeople 1-2-3 Library Catalog Tutorial* []!


California Library Training Clearinghouse

The California State Librarys Rural Initiative and the Infopeople Project have collaborated to produce an online California Library Training Clearinghouse, available at This site provides one-stop shopping for upcoming library training for California libraries. The listing is heavily weighted with Infopeople training, of course, because Infopeople is the largest library training provider in California, but it includes training from other sources including professional associations and library schools.



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