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Three-Month Makeover: Rehab of a University Library

I’ve worked in a host of library buildings that (oh, let’s be polite) need not just redesign, but some clear thinking around what works for users, staff, and collections in spaces where these three come together. And I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the planning and project development required in rehabilitating some spaces as well as moving some libraries into newly refurbished quarters (both made-over and newly purpose built).


Let the Timid Play!

Infopeople’s Technology Petting Zoo addresses curiosity that can be expressed in groups who are given the opportunity to play with new means of working and communicating. It’s a kind of planned play date for staff as well as for the interested community in the contracting library’s location. Play dates are a great way to regulate information flow. Sometimes, however, it’s the spontaneous play moment that can reach the individual.


Michael Cart talks about "crossover books"

podcastIn this podcast, Michael Cart, Infopeople’s book guy, talks about the new literary phenomenon called “crossover books,” which – in part, at least – refers to adult books of interest to young adult readers. To find out what else have a listen.

Titles mentioned in this podcast:


Ages and Stages of Readers' Advisory

Infopeople regularly offers courses in developing and conducting readers' advisory services targeting adults. Each time this online course is announced there are questions from potential registrants about whether the course is suitable for those performing advisory work with children and/or teens.


Sign up for CORE2 now!

If you haven't had a chance to do so, be sure to check out Infopeople's recently updated self-paced online course, CORE2: Subject Area Mini Courses. For $25, you get access over a three-month period to modules on business resources and job hunting, consumer information, legal resources, medical information, genealogy, and poems, songs, and quotations. Registration is ongoing, so just pick your start date and jump in!

Keep an eye out for a new module on homework help, coming soon!



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