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According to Kate Marek, “My library story began when I was very young, and my mother would take me to the Lakewood branch of the Dallas Public Library on Saturday mornings. I understand now that my library experience throughout my life has been one of abundance, but that many people do not have that same level of access to information. Through this understanding, I’ve become interested throughout my career in issues of information policy, and over the past two decades also how technology impacts and facilitates that access. I’ve also been aware of the value of sharing parts of my own story, and thus the remarkable potential of sharing stories for leadership and communication.”Kate Marek, Ph.D., is a Professor at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University. She earned her MLIS from Dominican University and her PhD from Emporia State University; she worked in a variety of types of libraries before beginning her formal teaching career at Dominican 12 years ago. Marek’s interests and expertise focus on technology development in information services, including digital libraries and Internet applications; information policy; and global information issues. She also researches and writes in the area of organizational storytelling, and is the author of Organizational Storytelling for Librarians: Using Stories for Effective Leadership (ALA, 2011).