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Michele Rowic is a librarian at the San Jose Public Library (SJPL). She was named the 2014 Santa Clara County Bike Commuter of the Year (BCOY) and in 2013 received a BCOY Honorable Mention. Michele wanted to give back to her SJPL coworkers and community who nominated her for the bicycling recognition. She was inspired to take a more active role in the bicycling community and in sharing her passion and dedication to sustainable living and environmentalism. In 2016 she teamed up with her coworker, Sarah Kishler, who is also committed to a sustainable lifestyle and together they developed a series of programs on climate change called, "Community Climate Cafés." The café-style programs were designed to be accessible, inclusive and reflective of the community in which they were held. Michele would like to continue partnering with local climate-based organizations, inviting them in to the Library to discuss community concerns.