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Ozy Aloziem is a Tedx speaker and an award-winning Igbo social worker deeply committed to collective liberation and racial justice.  Originally raised on Omaha land, she has been a visitor on Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute territories since 2015. Ozy is Denver Public Library's first Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Manager.

In addition to her role at DPL, she is a well regarded facilitator & speaker and has served as a racial equity & racial healing consultant for several organizations across the nation. Ozy is a scholar that is deeply committed to collective liberation and healing. As a critical Black feminist, she prioritizes racial and gender equity in her scholarship and activism. She uses this focus to amplify voices of marginalized communities that are left on the fringes of research, public policy and global conversation. She has been the lead researcher and equity consultant for several community engaged projects in several countries, has presented at numerous conferences in various disciplines and served as a UN Practicum Delegate for the United Nation’s Annual Commission on the Status of Women in 2019.

Ozy has experience designing and conducting qualitative, quantitative, arts-based and mixed-methods research projects in partnership with various non-profit organizations as well as the City and County of Denver. She has served as an evaluation project coordinator for the Center for Public Health Practice where she conducted research on equity-based approaches to workforce development & training program. Finally, Ozy is leading a national environmental scan of public libraries for Denver Public Library where she is using her qualitative and quantitative research talents to conduct a mixed-method research project in order to determine practical, effective models that libraries can implement to ensure that people from populations historically underrepresented in librarianship can join and grown in the field, with a supportive, inclusive institutional culture. She is a 2021 Library Journal “Movers & Shakers” award winner for her racial equity research and advocacy.

Ozy believes in engaging in critical research as a radical act of freedom. Presently, her research is centered around trauma informed & culturally responsive community engagement, the impacts of shared trauma on community organizers, radical healing and radical imagination.