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Richard is a library consultant in the Library Development Services bureau of the California State Library. He provides consulting services primarily on library facilities and capital funding methods for libraries. In 2009, he performed the California Library Ballot Measure Survey with all 181 public library jurisdictions in California.

In 1988, Richard started the national data collection effort for library ballot measures that has been published each year since in Library Journal. Along with numerous journal articles, Richard is the author of California Library Referenda Campaigns (, as well as two books entitled Winning Library Referenda Campaigns and Financing Public Library Buildings both published by Neal-Schuman.

Richard started at the California State Library in January of 1990 and has administered the Library Bond Acts of 1988 and 2000. Richard managed the Office of Library Construction from 2000 to 2007 where he was responsible for the grant administration of $350 million of state funding for public library construction. Richard is also the developer of Libris Design, a library facility planning database that can be used by public library planners to create library building programs and project budgets.

Prior to 1990, Richard was the library construction coordinator at the Georgia State Library where he administered an on-going state grants program for public library construction for 12 years. While in Georgia, Richard was a recipient of the Governor's award for excellence in state government.