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Sybil Boutilier is the Contract Officer
for San Francisco Public Library. For the
last several years she has worked with a
broad assortment of publishers and
information aggregators to negotiate and
develop licensing agreements for SFPL's
extensive collection of online materials.
She is the past president of the
California Library Association's
Information Technology Division, and
served on ALA-LITA's Legislative and
Regulatory Committee for four years. She
also served for 6 years as an appointed
member of the City of San Francisco's
Telecommunications Policy Committee,
charged with developing contract
provisions and compliance policies for the
City's Cable Franchise Agreement. She was
the Program Director of the San Francisco
Community Wide Education & Information
Services Initiative, exploring the early
development of online resources for
Schools, Libraries and Public Television
and was later Principle Investigator on
the National Science Foundation's
"Electronic Library" grant-funded program
which researched the process of
integrating electronic resources into
Library services for Children. She has
been a frequent speaker on issues of
technology and community access at
conferences, seminars and symposia.