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Warren Graham is nationally renowned as an expert of day to day library security procedures. He has been a security professional for twenty-five years and he spent the last seventeen years as the Security and Safety Manager for the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, developing and overseeing their program. He retired in August of 2006 to establish Warren Graham Training and Consulting.

Warren has traveled across the United States helping libraries of all sizes acquire a sense of really controlling their work environment. Unlike other security consultants, Warren actually worked in a library, so he is well aware of the problems the front-line, professional librarian experiences on a daily basis.

Developing his techniques for handling difficult situations and patrons through the years of facing myriad security situations, Warren knows by his own experience what works and what simply does not. His "real world" approach and strategy, grounded in much trial and error, will quickly give your staff a sense of empowerment and put you well on your way to doing all you can to develop a practical, workable, security program.