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Best Practices: Conferences, Training, and Communities of Learning (Part 2 of 2)

A few suggestions for trainer-teacher-learners attending a conference as large as the American Library Association (ALA) annual meeting held earlier this month in Anaheim or the California Library Association conference to be held in San Jose in November 2008: draft a schedule of meetings and events you want to attend. Keep it with you as a basic roadmap of what you hope to do. And deviate from it as often as you can.


Best Practices: The Curse of Advocacy

Anyone who has become totally enchanted by a certain method of doing something—training, teaching, and learning, for example—knows that there is a moment of truth to be confronted: that moment when we become firm advocates of that method to the exclusion of all others.


Training, Community, and Breaking Ice

Trainers looking for examples of ice-breakers and other strong ways to open presentations--a hallmark of Infopeople workshops--have frequently been in trainer heaven while attending the ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) 2008 International Conference & Exposition here in San Diego.
Although a few of the examples were so superficial that they could have taken down the Titanic if it hadn’t already sunk, many will undoubtedly remain with us to the benefit of those we train when we return to work.



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