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An Infopeople Online Learning Course

November 7th, 2017 12:00 PM
December 4th, 2017 4:30 PM
California $100.00
Out-of-State $150.00

Instructor: David Lee King

  • Do you want to create and share library videos?
  • Are you interested in better understanding the communication potential of videos?
  • Would you like to make a plan for ongoing library video creation and sharing?

Video is a powerful way to connect, communicate, and interact with library users. Statistics show that 1/3 of all online activity time is spent watching videos so creating library videos is a potential way to engage many people where they are. While some may worry that creating effective and professional looking videos is going to be difficult, creating and sharing videos does not need to be complicated. With a few best practices, simple technologies that are readily available, and a bit of encouragement, you can create library videos that you're proud to share.

Join course instructor David Lee King, author of Face2face: Using Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media Tools to Create Great Customer Connections and Designing the Digital Experience: How to Use Experience Design Tools & Techniques to Build Websites Customers Love, and learn to create and share library videos.

Participants in this November course, will learn to:

  • Create library videos using readily available resources
  • Share library videos for maximum impact
  • Develop plans for ongoing library video creation and sharing

By the end of the course, you will have the information, motivation, and support you need to create and share a library video. You’ll also be ready to create a plan for making library videos a regular part of your communication strategy.

Course Description: This one-month course includes one pre-recorded lesson and one live online meeting, too. The lesson and meeting, in conjunction with resources, assignments, discussions, and interaction with the instructor, will provide the learner with practical tips and techniques, best practices, and resources that can be used to get started with library video creation and sharing. By the end of the course, learners will create at least one library video.

Course Outline: Learners enrolled in this course will have access to:

  1. A 60-minute pre-recorded Instruction Session (available November 7th)
    Topic: Creating Library Videos, including:
    • Welcome to the course
    • Why to create library videos
    • Ideas for library videos (content)
    • Examples and case studies featuring libraries using video
    • Equipment to use (focusing on smartphones and tablets)
    • How to create and edit videos
    • Best practices for videos (length, tone, visuals, etc.)
    • Description of course assignment and reminder about live meeting
    • Description of questions forum and course resources
  2. A 90-minute live online meeting with the instructor (on November 28th at 9 AM Pacific*)
    Topic: Sharing Library Videos, including:
    • Additional library video examples and case studies
    • Sharing videos (on Vimeo, YouTube, library website, social media, etc.)
    • Sharing “live” video
    • Making a plan for ongoing library videos
    • Upgrading equipment
    • Time for questions/answers
      *Note: We will record the session for those who can't make it at the scheduled time.
  3. Supplementary Materials
    In addition to the recorded lesson and the live meeting, the course will include a high-quality annotated list of resources. Resource categories will include:
    • Best practice examples of libraries using video
    • Equipment/tools – links to resources
    • Articles about communicating with video

Time Required: To complete this course, you can expect to spend approximately five hours. Please plan your schedule so that you are able to attend the online meeting at 9 AM Pacific time on November 28. (The online meeting will be recorded but you are strongly encouraged to attend in real time to derive maximum benefit from interaction with the instructor.) You can work on the assignment options and discussions at your own pace, at any hour of the day or night.

Who Should Take This Course: This class will benefit librarians and library staff, content creators, marketers, managers, and program planners.

Online Learning Details and System Requirements may be found at:

After the official end date for the course, the instructor will be available for limited consultation and support for one more week and the course material will stay up for an additional week after that. These extra weeks give those who have fallen behind time to work independently to complete the course.

Keywords: communication and interpersonal skills, marketing and publicity, technology