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An Infopeople Webinar

June 5th, 2018 12:00 PM
1:00 PM

Start Time: Pacific - 12 Noon, Mountain - 1 PM, Central - 2 PM, Eastern - 3 PM

katie scherrerPresenter: Katie Scherrer

The centuries-old contemplative practice know as “yoga” is much more than a passing trend; it has physical, cognitive, and social-emotional benefits for practitioners of all ages, including preschool age children and their caregivers. This webinar will introduce participants to ways in which the intentional use of yoga-inspired movement in the storytime setting can support and enhance the work of youth services library staff and others helping prepare young children for school success. Participants will be exposed to new ideas and great books they will be excited to share. No prior yoga experience required!

At the end of the webinar attendees will:

  • Be able to articulate at least one way yoga-inspired movement supports the following three distinct areas of early learning:
    • physical literacy
    • early literacy
    • social-emotional learning
  • Know the basic components of planning and implementing a yoga storytime.
  • Know several basic yoga shapes they can use in their storytimes

Intended audience: public librarians, school librarians, youth services librarians, early childhood educators, preschool teachers

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Presentation Material

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