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An Infopeople Online Learning Course

This event is currently full. If you would like to be added to the wait list please send an email to Gini Ambrosino at [email protected]
March 10th, 2015 12:00 PM
April 6th, 2015 4:30 PM

Course Instructor: Anne Cain

Have you recently moved to a management position or are you considering a career path in library management? Do you want to determine your potential as a manager or improve your ability to be a successful manager? How strong are your management skills and what can you do to strengthen them or acquire additional skills? This course, which is targeted at first time managers and supervisors, will help you understand the role and responsibilities of the manager. It will also help you understand what changes when you become a manager.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The role and responsibilities of the library manager
  • How best to make the transition to management
  • Your personal strengths and areas for growth as a manager
  • The knowledge, skills and abilities managers need to be successful
  • Basic and successful techniques to manage people and resources
  • How to effectively make decisions
  • How to create a plan for your own managerial development

This intended audience for this course is first time managers and supervisors and any library staff considering moving into a management position. During this course you will assess your strengths as a library manager and identify areas and opportunities for personal growth. You will receive practical advice and tips, including classic pitfalls to avoid, to ensure your continuing success as a library manager.

Course Description: During this four-week online course, you will have a chance to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a library manager. A variety of assignments will give you opportunities to assess your own strengths and areas for growth and also to apply concepts to your own library situation. You will be able to participate in discussion forums and also in a live online meeting with Susan Hildreth, former director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services and former California State Librarian, who will lead a discussion and provide advice for new managers and supervisors. Your instructor will provide resources and useful tips that can be applied immediately. You will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions with others.

Course Outline: When you log in to the Infopeople online learning site, you will see weekly modules with these topics:

  • Week 1: Becoming a Manager
    • What it means to be a manager
    • Your new relationship with former co-workers, peers and other managers
    • How managers learn
    • Your responsibility to the organization
    • Assess personal strengths and identify areas of growth as a manager
  • Week 2: Tips and Techniques for Effective Management
    • The knowledge, skills and abilities managers need to be successful
    • Basic and successful techniques to manage people and resources
    • How to figure out who does what and how to get things done
    • Exercising authority and supervising effectively
    • Setting a good example
    • Learning from the good and the bad
    • Tips for getting everyone on the same page and pulling in the same direction
    • Managing people who are working in different locations
  • Week 3: Decision Making and Problem Solving
    • Demonstrate effective decision making
    • Know how and where to find information and help in managing successfully
    • Learn how to tie decision making to community needs and priorities
    • How to make decisions when the going gets tough or you don’t have complete information
    • How to create your support network – getting help from others
    • Learn about individual coaching, conflict resolution and working through performance issues
  • Week 4: Taking Ownership of Your Managerial Development
    • How to identify trends and keep track of important and emerging issues
    • Create a plan for your personal managerial development
    • How to create expectations for yourself and others (and how to know if you are meeting the expectations you have set)

Time Required: To complete this course, you can expect to spend 3 hours per week, for a total of twelve course hours. Each week's module contains readings and various options for assignments, discussions, or online meetings. You can choose the options most relevant to your work and interests. Although you can work on each module at your own pace, at any hour of the day or night, it is recommended that you complete each week's work within that week to stay in sync with other learners.

Who Should Take This Course: ? First time managers and supervisors and any library staff considering moving into a management position.

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Learner Requirements: None

After the official end date for the course, the instructor will be available for limited consultation and support for two more weeks, and the course material will stay up for an additional two weeks after that. These extra weeks give those who have fallen behind time to work independently to complete the course.

Keywords: Administration, Leadership, Supervision and management