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An Infopeople Online Learning Course

March 21st, 2017 12:00 PM
April 17th, 2017 4:30 PM
California $125.00
Out-of-state $200.00

Course Instructor: Diana Silveira

  • Do you want to provide library technology services and resources that address important needs in your community?
  • Would you like to feel prepared to address technology changes and developments?
  • Are you interested in learning how to roll out new technology implementations as smoothly as possible?

Join instructor Diana Silvera and take charge of your library's current and future technology by developing a functional plan to stay prepared and ahead of the curve. If you do not proactively create a solid technology plan, then your technology decisions will be reactionary – replacing computers, hardware and software only as things break or buying new things that don't meet the specific needs of your community. During the 4 weeks of this course, you will develop a plan that reflects the resources available to your library and community.

In this course you'll learn how to develop a technology plan, including how to:

  • Assess current library technology resources
  • Evaluate current usage of library technology
  • Assess needs of the library and the community that can be addressed with technology
  • Prioritize needs that can be addressed with technology for your library
  • Set goals to address needs using technology
  • Evaluate technology sources and alternatives
  • Develop an implementation plan for introducing new technologies
  • Develop and implement tools to help train staff and maintain new technologies
  • Develop and implement in-house tools to evaluate technology moving forward
  • Develop strategies to keep a plan regularly implemented and updated

Course Description: This four-week online course will utilize readings, examples, an online meeting and supplementary resources to help you first understand the technology needs of your library and community and then plan how to address those needs. You will be able to apply the concepts and techniques immediately in your own library and community. As part of the course, you will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions with others.

Course Outline: When you log in to the Infopeople online learning site, you will see weekly modules with these topics:

  • Week 1: Technology Assessment and Determining Needs
    • Conducting a technology audit
    • Define staff and community technology needs
  • Week 2: Setting Goals and Selecting Technology
    • Set goals to address needs using technology
    • Evaluate technology sources and alternatives
  • Week 3: Successfully Implementing New Technology
    • Plan how to train staff
    • Be prepared to maintain new technologies
  • Week 4: On-Going Evaluation and Planning
    • Use tools to evaluate technology moving forward
    • Keep the library's technology plan updated

Time Required: To complete this course, you can expect to spend 2½ hours per week, for a total of ten course hours. Each week's module contains readings and various options for assignments, discussions, or online meetings. You can choose the options most relevant to your work and interests. Although you can work on each module at your own pace, at any hour of the day or night, it is recommended that you complete each week's work within that week to stay in sync with other learners.

Who Should Take This Course: Any staff responsible for or involved with library technology planning

Online Learning Details and System Requirements may be found at:

After the official end date for the course, the instructor will be available for limited consultation and support for two more weeks, and the course material will stay up for an additional two weeks after that. These extra weeks give those who have fallen behind time to work independently to complete the course.

Keywords: Planning, Technology