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An Infopeople Webinar

Presenter: Janine Liebert 

  • I changed my mind about getting a divorce. Is there a court form for dismissing my court case?
  • Where can I find a sample form letter to get my security deposit back?
  • Can I get free Court forms?
  • What is a Quit Claim Deed? I was told that it is not a court form. Can I find this form in a law library?
  • I would like to file a motion. Where I can get motion forms?
  • Are there “pre-made” court forms for the kinds of legal questions you are getting?
  • Would you like to know the online and print resources law librarians recommend for getting customers started?

The Finding Legal Forms webinar will empower public librarians with tips and information about the top places to start and effectively refer customers who are looking for forms. At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will:

  • Be able to understand the two types of legal forms – “pre-made” and “self-created”
  • Have a basic understanding of the free forms that court websites have, and what they don’t have
  • Be better prepared to identify areas of law for which “pre-made” court forms are most likely to appear
  • Be introduced to the Forms section on, the California Courts website and the different ways to access those forms
  • Learn about form resources – both in print and electronic – publicly available at county public law libraries

This webinar will be of interest to: Librarians and library staff who are on the front lines of connecting people with information in public libraries. Law librarians from all disciplines who have seen a need for training public librarians in providing access to legal information and services to customers with legal questions.

Series Infomation

Webinar 1: Legal Research Resources: Great Legal Reference and Referral in the Public Library - Oct 4, 2012.
Webinar 2: Family Law Basics for Public Libraries - Jan 10, 2013.
Webinar 3: Finding Legal Forms: Getting Started in Public Libraries - Feb 7, 2013

Webinar 4: Landlord/Tenant Legal Resources: a Guide for Public Libraries - Mar 21, 2013

Webinar 5: Small Claims Court Legal Resources: a Guide for Public Libraries - Apr 18, 2013


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