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An Infopeople Webinar

November 1st, 2016 12:00 PM
1:00 PM

Start Time: Pacific - 12 Noon, Mountain - 1 PM, Central - 2 PM, Eastern - 3 PM

Presenters: Crystal Schimpf, Brenda Hough​, Stephanie Gerding, Lisa Barnhart​, Special Guests: Maurice Coleman and Rachel Rubin

  • Do you want staff learning to be an integral part of the daily routine at your library?
  • Would you like to foster staff development in order to help your organization grow and change?
  • Are you looking for ways to support shared learning experiences between library staff?

Building an effective learning culture is a process that can lead your library to be more successful in meeting strategic goals and providing services to the community. In learning organizations, library staff will actively seek out learning in both formal and informal settings, and will more readily apply new skills and knowledge to their work. The result is a library that is able to respond more quickly to change, and is more effective at achieving its strategic goals. Join us for this interactive webinar to learn about a general process for building an effective learning culture in your library.

This webinar will also serve as an introduction/preview to a pilot for a new team-based online learning program dedicated to the topic of building a learning culture that will launch in January 2017.

At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Define "learning culture" and reflect on how that might manifest in their library.
  • Consider a process for bringing a learning culture into their organization.
  • Reflect on examples of successful libraries that have a learning culture.
  • Identify the benefits of experiential, team-based learning across various formats.
  • Apply to be a part of the upcoming Building an Effective Learning Culture program.

This webinar will be of interest to: Library leaders and staff who need or want to support workplace learning and professional development in their organization

Webinars are free of charge, you can pre-register by clicking on the Register Now button (at the top and bottom of this page). If registering with less than 30 MINUTES from the start of the webinar you can join directly from the thank you page by clicking the Join Now button. If you pre-registered you will receive an email with login link and a reminder email the day before the event.

Speaker's slides: Will be available the morning of the webinar.


Presentation Material

Speaker's slides
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pdf (Full slide) [1.6mb]
pdf (3 slides per page) [621kb]
Learning Culture Cycle: pdf [331kb]
Chat transcript: pdf [80kb]


Keywords: Leadership, Professional development, Staff development, Supervision and management, Training skills