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An Infopeople Webinar

February 2nd, 2016 12:00 PM
1:00 PM

Start Time: Pacific - 12 Noon, Mountain - 1 PM, Central - 2 PM, Eastern - 3 PM

Presenters: David King


Technology has changed the face of libraries, and is continuing to change how we work and how we deliver services to customers. As part of the Emerging Tech Trends series, this webinar introduces emerging technology trends and tipping points, and how these emerging trends are re-shaping library services. Some of the topics that will be covered include: the internet of things, mobile technology, consumer technology, wearable technology, and smart machines (robots, self-driving cars and other cognitive computing systems that are able to make decisions and solve problems without human intervention). Join David Lee King as he expertly guides you through examples of how you might incorporate these emerging trends into your library.

At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will:

  • Be familiar with 10 emerging technology trends and tipping points in libraries
  • Know the difference between an emerging trend and a technology tipping point
  • Understand the difference between a technology trend and a fad
  • Begin to identify how their library can respond to emerging technology

This second in a series of four webinar will be of interest to anyone working with technology in libraries, library workers interested in emerging technology, and library staff who help patrons with technology-related questions.

Emerging Tech Trends in Libraries - Series Infomation

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Webinars are free of charge, you can pre-register by clicking on the Register Now button (at the top and bottom of this page). If registering with less than 30 MINUTES from the start of the webinar you can join directly from the thank you page by clicking the Join Now button. If you pre-registered you will receive an email with login link and a reminder email the day before the event.


Presentation Material

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Keywords: Mobile services, Social media, Technology